Datos para pedidos de presupuestos

agosto 4, 2017 PaperCut Argentina

Reminder About End Customer Data Collection

At PaperCut, we work hard to make sure our joint customers are ‘for life’. To do that, we partner with our ASCs to provide the best service and support before, during and after installation of PaperCut software.

With our world-class Ecosystem we work together to know our customers, our products, and understand the customer application, and at any time, our customers can reach out to anyone in the network to get help if they need it.

So why do we ask for customer contact information when you place an order? We get support questions directly coming in tosupport@papercut.com from our customers all the time. We will always work to resolve customer issues – but it’s better to work with you to support the customer together. By having the customer information, we can link the customer support contact with the customer contact of your order, help resolve the matter quickly, and bring you into the conversation.

Benefits of having customer information are:

  • Allowing the PaperCut customer support team to identify the appropriate ASC and Reseller should a customer contact PaperCut directly.
  • Faster communication to the end customer should there be any security or other concerns about PaperCut use (such as pirated licenses or bug fix requirements) that would require their immediate attention.
  • Creating a relationship and communication opportunity to promote to customers the value of PUA subscriptions through our channel outside of the product.

What information is being requested?
1. Customer organization name

  1. Customer contact person
    3. Customer contact phone
    4. Customer contact email
    5. Customer contact address
    6. Customer website URL

    To give you enough time to work with your channel, this information will be mandatory from August 2017. 
    We would like to thank many of the ASCs who are seeing the value in the request and who are already providing this information on their orders.


Para futuras cotizaciones nuevas o existentes vamos a necesitar la siguiente información:

  • Nombre del Usuario Final: (nombre completo no siglas, si contiene siglas por favor de enviarnos página web para corroborarlo)
  • Dirección y código postal: (mandatario)
  • Correo electrónico del usuario final: (mandatario)
  • Página web: (mandatario)
  • Cantidad de Usuarios:
  • MFP: (cantidad y marca, solo para control de escaneo y copiado, de lo contrario no hace falta esta información) Siempre verificar compatibilidad en http://www.papercut.com/MARCA
  • Soporte: (1-5) Años: El primer año es mandatario (2-5)